After collecting vinyl records from a young age, Liz's professional DJ career began in the Mid 80's playing a variety of venues from Holiday Camps, Armed Forces gigs and UK Suburbia where she cut her teeth to a varied crowd, programming nights and playing the whole evening, an unknown entity these days. After securing an agent, she then spent the next 10 years DJing in ski resorts in Switzerland for winter seasons, also cities and towns in the French, German and lesser know Romansh parts, playing what one would call a Balearic style. She also travelled to Norway & Denmark during these times too, and the UAE before it had the famous Burj building and 6 lane highways. She spent the early 90's in Dubai, playing a wide a selection of events from Sheikha's fashion shows, sheikh's daughters birthday parties, ex-pats events, clubs, desert and beach parties, also getting a twice-weekly radio show on Capital Radio in Abu Dhabi for 2 years. She also got together with some other ex-pats and organised the first raves for want of a better word to introduce all styles of house & techno to a hungry crowd starved of what was happening in the UK scene.

In 1996 she returned to the UK to face the music, having felt her creative juices needed topping up, she walked into Swag Records in Croydon, and this became her local, she got invited to Wiggle & Heart & Soul where she met like minded folk, and decided to stay in Croydon, eventually she was working at Swag, helping organise the shop and its accounts, she became Managing Director in 1999, and got involved with the day to day running of the shop, plus buying and selling some what is still classic Tech-House from that era. She also started Kerfuffle with another Swag regular in Brixton which still runs today 17 years on, and the roll call of who has Dj'd at this party over the years is quite something, from all dayers, to allnighters and now on Brighton beaches, where she now resides. She also got to carve her Dj career playing at various UK parties & clubs such as Fabric, The End, Wiggle, Superfreq, Peg, and many countries and cities too, New York, Ibiza, Cologne, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Lisbon. France, Bulgaria & Kosovo.

In 2011, due to the digital age, and the decline of vinyl releases, and customers she made the very difficult decision to cease trading Swag Records, she soon dusted herself down and for the last 2 years has been in Brighton with an appointment only shop/space selling new and 2nd hand collections, plus merchandise, and has done a number of "Pop-Up" shops to get herself on the map.

Mixes available on Mixcloud. Links below;
Live vinyl mix from Kerfuffle Brixton
Live vinyl mix from Kerfuffle Brighton