Miss.C.MCDJ. A Singer, DJ, Rapper, co-producer, Actress, Event organiser and entertainer! With many a string to her bow she's done everything from Acting, hosting, most things musical and even a bit of comedy.

Miss.C has been around and making music since she was 12 and LOVES and lives for it! Starting off as an MC on the D'n'B scene in 97, she then moved on to garage scene (for all 10 minutes of it, while it was good) and it was then she found her love of House music!

She was always around the house scene and grew up with a number of pop stars around her in the 90's such as The KLF, Adamski, Juno Reactor, The Orb and many more.

Miss.C's love and passion for the music is what has driven her all these years and she has also put on a string of successful events and was also a member/front women of the band 'The Stirfried Frequency' and 'Friends, Lovers And Family'

Now Miss.C is VERY excited to be working on a Funk, Soulful , Electro inspired album in San Francisco with Counterw8 production's very talented Mr Casey Nefcy and the multi-talented Ben Trumbo! Over the years Miss.C has collaborated and made music with artists such as Jimmy Cauty (KLF) Tony Thorpe (Moody Boyz) Larry Lush, Si Begg (Mute records) Hugh Cornwall (The Stranglers) and many more. While performing (and working alongside) some of London's very best DJ's and MC's. Such as EZ, Colin Dale, Seb Fontaine, Mark Sinclair, DJ Zinc, Andy C, Adamski, Micky Finn, Nicky Holloway to name but a few.

Miss.C has been a keen music maker, enthusiast, music lover and DJ for the last 12 years and is all about taking people on a musical journey and not sticking to the any one particular genre.. Playing everything from Soul, Funk, Hip Hop to Funky, Filthy, Minimal, Deep and Soulful House music!

If it's got soul and makes you want to dance your ass off? Then it's IN the bag!

To Miss.C its all about the moment and playing what 'fits' and 'adds' to it all the most. "Music is a feeling and creates an atmosphere, it's all about finding the right one, at the right time, to inspire the right vibe"